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Platin Gaming’s live betting platform provides you with an exclusive and top-notch authority in the rising live
betting market where you will be able to command any bet or any market in real time.

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Nowadays, players want to be part of a dynamic and thrilling environment anytime and anywhere. Thus, through the development of new mobile devices and tablets, live betting is becoming even more popular amongst the audience and this has led to significant growth and success.

We not only offer an incredible number of live betting events, but we also offer real-time odds and live betting match-centre with minute-by-minute action on the major events. We deliver highest security standards for each and every match.

Our system offers live betting traders the capacity to respond rapidly and efficiently to any development within events, monitor market movements and trends, and analyse liabilities throughout all the markets offered.

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Our products have been optimised for all platforms and devices. This allows for a high gaming experience on all devices and cross platform functionality (where applicable). It is our ultimate goal to achieve the highest possible quality and performance on all platforms and devices.