• We provide a Sportsbook solution for each individual needs.

  • We combine all elements for a successful and profitable Sportsbook business operation.

  • From modular Integration to a complete white-label.

The application combines a modern Interface that is easy to operate together with a smooth integration of odds in real time. With the Platin Gaming Sportsbook, you are able to place a bet even during the last seconds of a running game.

Platin Gaming provides a loyalty building and an exciting player experience as well as a huge amount of Live and Pre-Matches on a regular basis. Besides, we are also offering more than 50 types of sports and plenty of betting markets and options.

Platin Gaming’s administrative back-office Software is easy to operate and it also consents to manage complex tasks. Extensive statistics in real time and infinite adjustable parameters will provide you the overview of both your risks and of the business itself.

Platin Gaming´s Mobile Sports Betting Software runs on all the major operating systems and it is also compatible with all browsers, smart-phones and tablets. Together with multiple device deployment and cross-platform capability, you can build up a unique user experience. Our regular software updates will assure that you keep up with the IT-innovations.

Every country has specific needs, including also restrictions and data. We provide innovative and adjustable settings for our Sportsbook turnkey solution. Furthermore, you can choose services for compiling individual odds and selecting particular sports or tournaments.

Moreover, we provide a vast Multi-Lingual database package with the possibility of adding a new language or currency, if necessary.

We create and offer several bonuses and promotional campaigns, including XML feeds in real time. We can surely manage and also implement your affiliate and agent system, sustain economic growth and promote competitiveness.

Apart from integrating our Sportsbook software and providing our products to third parties, we also offer a Full Service White Label Turnkey Solution. We create the Website, organise the hosting, do the Design and Skinning adjustments with user-friendly front end and offer License assistance. We provide full IT-Support and content management, including risk and anti-fraud management setups, as well as the payment system integration. With a strong trading department, you can get the full expertise of Sports Betting Business consolidated under one roof - Platin Gaming.