Keno is one of the most popular number draw games. In a bet, you are able to select several numbers on the number board and 20 numbers will be drawn.

The payout amount can vary depending on how many numbers you choose for each bet and how many numbers are predicted correctly in a draw. With an additional bet, you can extend the numbers that are drawn up to 22 for a bigger win.

Keno is available for retail as well as for online products. Also, the point-of-sale Keno version provides the full entertaining and thrilling experience to your customers.

Present live draws on TV-devices, inform your customer about previous draws and show “how-to-play” tutorials!

Keno is also designed with a focus on playing with customer cards or with keno paper cards by supporting OMR-scanners.

In addition, we also offer various Lottery Games with adjustable parameters and custom skins.

The desired game will be created upon your request.