Our management software fulfils all your business needs by providing you all the necessary business data which is collected in real time. You can access your business reports daily, weekly or monthly; you can organise your annual reports or define your own periods. As a matter of fact, the preparation of detailed diagrams helps you analyse and evaluate important parameters.

Full Control, Overview and Simplicity

With effective player and user management functions within a single environment, you have full control over your gaming business. In addition to that, full reports of affiliate and agent systems help you to manage operations. For different games and products, balancing transfers is often a key challenge. We can offer a user account balance with a single log-in and multiple product play. Also non-product-specific management will be supported by our software.

Optimize your risk management

All measures for systematic identification, analysis, assessment, monitoring and controlling risks are integrated, detailed and categorically summarised for each branch and staff, and they also offer you full control.

With the ease of use you NEVER lose an overview of your financial figures. Your data is obviously protected by SSL or TLS encryption, preventing it from being viewed by third parties.