Snowy Pals

Snowy Pals is set in the icy planes of the North Pole. Renowned for its extreme temperatures and the difficulty of habitation, it takes a special kind of animal to make the region its home. Despite being a puppy, Scruffs the Husky has managed to create a life for himself. He is involved in the logistics of goods and supplies throughout the North Pole, though still undertakes numerous adventures with his fellow animal friends.

One day, a number of mysterious, shiny crystals begin to appear all over. Owing to their bright colours and mythical qualities, animals from all over were attracted to them. Whilst they are believed to give the animals supernatural powers – such as the ability to speak – it soon becomes clear that they are having an adverse effect on the land and weather system. The ice begins to melt and it is down to Scruffs and his friends to save the day.

With clever designs and graphics, Snowy Pals is an intriguing adventure to the North Pole. Including a number of triggers and free spins, it is a must for all nature and animal lovers and there are multiple pay lines.