Try Sinbad, an engaging five-reel slot game with free spins and a clean, modern interface. In Baghdad there lived a poor porter who soon underwent some quite drastic social mobility. Sinbad became a famous sailor and ventured around the world in the legendary Seven Voyages.

He planned a final adventure before retiring with all his riches. The last journey was to include striking the Grand Sultan’s convoy as this purportedly transported his most valued treasure to different locations – including the Dagger of Time – every five years.

When Sinbad got onboard he was surprised to discover that the Sultan’s men had already been disarmed and defeated. A beautiful and exotic woman had gotten there first – using the Dagger.

She managed to escape from the ship leaving Sinbad empty-handed. Sinbad doesn’t give up easily and started to give chase to retrieve what he saw as rightly his.