Jewel Digger

In Jewel Digger you are in the hunt for some well-hidden jewels. The player is located in an underground world surrounded by a prosperous treasure; here, you will dig your way through stunning jewels in order to uncover beautiful and rich surprises.

This game involves gloomy mines where some precious and multi-coloured jewels brighten up this unique scenario. The environment is surely inimitable, the location is accurately designed and the game includes an entertaining thematic. The player will not only enjoy some interesting and fun animation, but also a great quantity of rewards.

The graphics are simply fantastic and are accompanied by some fabulous sound effects, music and little jingles.
Jewel Digger is truly a world-class slot machine and it is a slot machine game that consists of 5-reels and multiple paylines.

The choice is yours. there’s a fortune to be found; go beyond the dark mines and dig for the hidden treasure!