Dragon Hunter

A long time ago, dragons were fighting against the knights in shining armour. Some of them began to hide away where no one could find them, while others multiplied and gained more power so as to fight for their supremacy.

Years after, in a cold village, inhabitants lived away from the dragon hunters; however, soon the bonds between two parallel worlds will meet and this will lead to a war between two worlds: dragons against combatants. Here the player can win against the dragon through one special weapon as only the powerful axe can defeat the dominant dragon.

Through your courage and thanks to the leading solid axe, you will be able to achieve your glory! Both the stunning colours and the several symbols offered will surely recompense your significant efforts.

This game definitely involves a lot of courage and massive action!
Dragon Hunter comes with 5-reels and multiple paylines.

Are you afraid or dragons? be fearless and grasp your powerful axe to defeat the control of the dragon!