Crime And Mystery

In this shadowy city, you are investing a mysterious murder and while you find the hidden objects, the mystery unfolds. The game employs an exciting secret that is part of elaborated and curious events. As you unravel this mystery, you will be able to come across particular signs, symbols and bonuses.

Playing detective and uncovering clues will be the topic as there is definitely a lot to discover. And since the game is mainly focussed in collecting hints, the sound effects are a priority; indeed, the music certainly involves thrill and suspense as well as the amazing designs that will guide into a spectacular and secretive world. Crime and Mystery is a slot machine game that employs 5-reels and multiple paylines.

If you truly fancy mystery, this can be the most entertaining slot to play!
This is a superb puzzle game which has a dark and creepy secret.

Wrap yourself in enigmatic themes overwhelmed by a dark mystery to be discovered!