Calavera Fiesta

Every year Halloween marks the beginning of a celebration called the Day of the Dead in Mexico. This is a colourful, flamboyant and well-attended event where people celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed on from the land of the living.

It is a highly spiritual affair and a time when life and death mix here on earth, so anything can happen.

This is a bright and well-designed game that really gives of the carnival vibe. You are welcomed into Calavera Fiesta by Lady Catrina

Calavera – the ruler of the spirits for this event. A five-reel slot game, it hosts a number of symbols, events and bonuses to immerse you in the festivities.

Together with her fiancé Senor Mustachio and cat Skully, Lady Catrina invites you to take part in a plethora of opportunities to win goodies – including smashing piñatas – though you will not be granted access without a bonus VIP