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This slick and involving five-reel slot game is certainly not for the faint hearted. Set in the laboratory of the eccentric Dr. Williams, the clever and slick designs will draw you into the storyline. The doctor, along with his assistant Marceline, was renowned for creating whacky yet important inventions for the benefit of mankind.

As pathetic fallacy would have it, on a wild stormy night Dr. Williams was tinkering around in his lab and had an epiphany which told him to try and create the mythical power of immortality to human life.

He concocted a vat of potion to try for himself, but there was a major problem! Instead of creating eternal youth, Williams’ body and demeanour changed completely – misshapen he appeared more beast-like than human. This marked the end of Dr. Williams and welcomed Dr. Whack into the world. Under the influence of his potions, watch the doctor’s wild experiments, starting with Marceline.

Join the adventures of the newly-formed Dr. Whack in his laboratory.