A Night in Chicago

A Night In Chicago is a highly enjoyable game which includes free spins and a 3x5 multiline.

It is the Roaring Twenties in the beautiful city of Chicago and the Don rules the criminal underground through his reputation. Crime is everywhere in the city, with not a corner of it left untouched by gangland activity. Despite law enforcement’s best efforts, the Don proves elusive and seems impossible to catch – is he being protected?

The Detective has a snitch planted in the ranks of the Mafia and thinks the net is closing on his target. On a night out, the Don’s daughter is being defended as normal as she enjoys herself, but little does she know that the snitch is one of her guards! The Detective is about to capture her and thinks that this tactic will tempt the gang boss out of hiding.

Stop the Detective from getting to the Don’s daughter and come out a winner!