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Fertile Land

Fertile Land

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Here, the goal is to help the farmer to produce and to expand his vast land and, as the property gets fertile and bigger, you will get to harvest more and more products!

All this, while being entertained in a truly healthy way! This game allows the player to be fulfilled with fun fruit and veggie symbols that give quite a pleasant and healthy twist to the classic slot machine style.

Nature is the main protagonist of the game and you will be surrounded not only by some groceries but also by animals and insects that will not only help you
to achieve your goal, but will render the atmosphere even more entertaining!

Fertile Land is a 5-reel game with multiple paylines.
When you own a farm, the management of a land is surely not an easy job.

This game is filled with exciting animation, vibrant icons and special bonuses. 
So get ready to collect some tasty winnings!

Nature is a must in the fertile land. so remember that you reap what you sow!



  • Variety of symbols and events
  • Variety of bonuses
  • Scatter and triggers
  • Multiple pay lines
  • 3x5 multiline