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Age of Aztec

Age of Aztec

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Between the 14th and 15th century a powerful empire ruled the land in Mesoamerica. It is the Age of the Aztec Empire and the capital city Tenochtitlan is the centre of supremacy. The Aztec God King governs his kingdom despotically, the player has to confront him in order to gather the treasure of the Aztecs and, finally, claim marvellous rewards. Age of Aztec employs excellent graphics, advanced animation and players can easily customise the game’s settings according to their demands.

Age of Aztec consist of 5-reels and multiple lines in an engaging scenario.

Join an ancient civilisation where the player can enjoy unique historical statues, sculptures and a mysterious treasure!



  • Random onscreen bonus events
  • FREE SPINS events
  • 10 pay lines (fixed)
  • 3 bonus symbols
  • Multiple paylines
  • 3x5 multiline